About Us

Alpitour began in 1947 as a small travel agency specialized in brief bus or train trips for special occasions.
For 70 years now, the Alpitour’s Group has been the most important, most versatile Italian travel company: Tour Operating, Aviation, Hotel Management, Incoming, and Travel Agencies. These are the five divisions that make up the company’s identity.

Epitomizing quality, support, and flexibility, today, Alpitour is synonymous with holidays from A to Z, and is a recognized Italian leader in the industry. This long journey has been an experience full of passion, innovation, and professionalism, allowing the company to help generations of Italians find their ideal holiday.
In the last few years, the group has begun to really pick up the pace in terms of expansion and development, showing itself to be as solid and enterprising as the major international tourism companies.
Furthermore, Tamburi Investment Partners S.p.A.’s financial contribution to the group has allowed for new liquidity and a more solid company. This has allowed for the financing of acquisitions of the most famous properties and brands in Italy, further allowing us to catch up to the largest travel groups in the world.