Tour Operating


This is the group’s core business, with a wide range of brands able to meet the needs and desires of any market segment. In 2017, Alpitour was recognized for the fourth year in a row by the Istituto Tedesco di Qualità e Finanza as the best Italian tour operator. It represents the group’s solid, historic foundation. A brand leader, its portfolio includes hundreds of destinations and many holiday solutions organized and conceived for the main target markets: family, young people, and couples.

Bravo Club

A fresh, dynamic brand for those looking for fun, Italian culture, and sport. Bravo Club relies on an exacting selection process to suggest the best properties in the most beautiful destinations in the world, offering up a variety of experiences in a single holiday. The collection includes Bravo Club Villaggi, for an exclusively Italian clientele, B&Bravo, for travelers who want to be more independent, and Bravo Club International, for an international clientele. The common denominator is quality and Italian hospitality in terms of services, support, and entertainment, with a special focus on musical entertainment and celebrations



This line has dynamic, flexible offerings, for those looking to plan low-budget, no-frills trips. Karambola is the brand that guarantees quality at low prices, putting a special focus on practical details that help travelers fully enjoy the chosen destination. Freedom and independence are the main advantages of Karambola, which offers many holiday solutions that can be combined and personalized depending on the individual needs of the client.


This is an elegant, stylish brand. In 2015 and 2016, Francorosso placed second, right after Alpitour, in the rankings of Italian tour operators by the Istituto Tedesco di Qualità e Finanza. It has been an undisputed leader for more than 50 years in planning exclusive holidays for a discerning clientele. The brand has always aimed to offer charming solutions that bring together the beauty of far-off lands with cultural enrichment and local traditions.


This brand focuses on exclusivity, luxury, and uniqueness. It offers tailor-made experiences, customized based on the desires and passions of clients, offering the most fascinating destinations on the planet, the most exclusive resorts, and impeccable service and support. Viaggidea has four different identities that represent four different ways to travel: the exclusive, highly customizable Voyager tours; the EGO collection, which is the top of the line for holidays where money is no object; Chic Escape with intimate, eco-sustainable boutique hotels; and finally, Essentia, which offers the most authentic side of a destination and its culture.

Press Tours 

This tour operator, which specializes mainly in the Caribbean and the Americas, became part of the Alpitour’s Group in October 2014. Synonymous with quality and reliability, for more than 25 years, Press Tours has organized custom holidays in the most exotic, sought-after destinations, offering services in line with the needs of each client. The select EXPLORACafè properties, with dedicated activities, events, and customer support, are especially popular.

Swan Tour

For more than a quarter century, Swan Tour has been a key player in the Italian tourism industry, offering holiday solutions characterized by experience and professionalism with select properties, and a great focus on details and quality service. With dynamic staff stationed in various locations, Swan Tour recently became a part of the Alpitour’s Group.


Eden Viaggi is a tour operator founded in Pesaro in 1983, offering holidays in every corner of the world as well as stays and tours in Italy for foreigners. Over the years, this well-known company has added five other brands in order to offer different types of trips. What they all have in common is the quality of service offered along with extreme attention to safety and customer support.


Eden Villages can be found in wonderful locations, offering all-inclusive service (though other packages are available), entertainment, sports, and customer support. Italian cuisine is always offered along with the Tarta Club for small guests and the Jek Club for bigger kids—these services are guaranteed thanks to reliable, competent Italian personnel. This is why Eden Village is synonymous with “all inclusive,” which also means peace of mind, relaxation, and fun for guests.


This is the perfect solution for those who love to immerse themselves in a place, independently and in the “smartest,” most alternative way, to explore a culture and learn about its traditions, at a good price. Margò travelers truly feel like “globetrotters,” and want to discover local flavours, people, authentic experiences, and amazing atmospheres. Affordability and authenticity are the key words, but with the guarantee of having customer support at all times.


A collection of truly “tailor-made” itineraries with personalized travel experiences. Made has “orrizonti su misura” (“tailor-made horizons”) as its slogan, and it is for those who want to explore new destinations—well known or not—with high quality services. Made destinations are located throughout the entire world, and its experts, like able craftsmen, design trips that lead travelers to the beating heart of every locale, offering a sense of excitement that takes the breath away.


Holidays par excellence and dedicated customer support from departure to arrival. Hotelplan is the brand with grand itineraries in every corner of the planet with high-quality stays for discerning travelers that want to allow themselves the luxury of being able to choose the best. Whatever the destination, the objective is to always offer unforgettable, unmistakable holidays, as its famous slogan emphasizes.


A historic name in Italian tourism, Turisanda today is about holidays that combine overall wellness with the discovery of a destination, in enchanting atmospheres where natural beauty takes center stage. From the Red Sea to the Mediterranean, from the Caribbean to the Pacific and Indian oceans, Turisanda offers ideal stays and experiences for those who want to truly relax, perfectly in harmony with nature.